If you have not done so already, take your imported products to US Customs and try to find a better, lower duty classification for your imported goods in the Tariff Schedule of the United States (TSUS) with a U Customs representative. If you do not ask for a better classification, you will not get one.

While visiting US Customs show that your products do not need scanning by Homeland Security.This will avoid your imports being help up by Homeland Security checks in the future. Try it, what do you have to lose? And, you have everything to gain, especially lead time reduction.

Write letters to your steamship company asking for bottom stowage of your containers. Send a copy of these letters to your marine insurance cargo company. Your insurance rates should be lowered.

Use consolidated Containers where you cannot fill a full container. Your freight forwarder in the country of origin of your imported goods can help you do this.

Change your F.O.B. points to "ex-works." If you use FOB: CIF or Landed prices, delivered, FOB ex-works will be less. Using ex-works means that you will see all charges for your imported goods on specific invoices versus FOB Delivered where prices can be "hidden" in the Delivered pricing.


Any questions/comments can be sent to Chuck Intrieri:


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Hi Chuck,

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