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Saving the Earth One Shipment at a Time

Every year Earth Day comes and goes and people celebrate the Earth for one day and preach reusing and recycling products so they do not go into the landfills. They look at all of the data presented at Earth Day fairs and celebrations and think about how they can shrink their carbon footprint. The shipping industry is not exactly known for its Earth friendly business practices. When we go to these fairs and exhibits, it may make us more aware, but what are we…


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Can I Trust Shipping Calculators?

Since the internet has gotten more effective, the way we do business in the shipping industry has changed as well. Companies like freight forwarders and shipping lines no longer solely rely on their marketing pamphlets and elaborate sales pitches to win over customers. They have much more to offer when they can refer their customers to their websites to allow for easy access to information 24…


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Shipping Lines Rejecting Cargo

Shipping lines have a lot of leeway regarding their cargo. They can and will reject your international cargo if it does not meet the standards that they have for both shipping the cargo as well as the documentation involved with the cargo. Some commodities in particular can have dangerous materials or can pose a particular risk if all of the steps are not taken to secure the cargo.  Other times it is not about the commodity at all but rather your shipping…


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Break Bulk Operators in Gulf




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Stopping Goods In Transit

As a manufacturer, whether shipping internationally or domestically extending terms to a new customer can be stressful. How do you know they will pay you on time or even at all? You cover your bases as much as you can when you get started with them maybe even using a letter of credit, getting an instant container quote, but sometimes you still send the…


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Finding a Good Freight Forwarder

Finding a new international freight forwarder to handle your shipping needs can seem like a stressful job.  They will be a partner for your business and choosing one that is right for your company is important to keep your flow of goods moving through the supply chain. You can start with a search online, but be sure to have regular direct contact with them before signing any contracts.  

So what do you look for in a…


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Punctuality in Shipping

A year or so ago, container shipping companies like Maersk were touting that the international logistics market is no longer fighting for customers based on pricing. They were claiming that the new competitive edge would come with on time arrivals and punctuality of container deliveries. Maersk in particular started its Daily Maersk program which is meant to allow companies to schedule without adding buffer days to their transit…


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Fumigation Certificate

In international ocean freight shipping it is very important to have all shipping documents in order. This includes original bills of ladingpacking listscommercial invoices for every shipment, but there are some additional requirements based on origin or destination and the type of commodity being…


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Mostly shipping Line required undertaking for container security from Freight Forwarders in Pakistan.

Dear All,

May I ask you a solution regarding above subject mentioned that is this right? if shipping line requires an undertaking regarding container security from Freight Forwarders while we book the container from port to port & CY/CY because container must be moved at consignee's premises. Can Forwarder provide undertaking to shipping lines for any liability of damages, lost or so on? While consignee hires his own Custom Clearance and Forwarder already endorses the HBL…


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Clerical Workers in Shipping

Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk about the Unions for clerical workers who deal with international container shipping on the west coast. The ILWU clerical workers were striking and threatening to strike if a new contract was not agreed upon between them and both large ocean carriers terminal operations management of the west coast ports. They were specifically looking to keep their jobs in the US instead of outsourcing to another…


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Accessorial Charges

There are many parts to freight bills of lading that shippers need to know before shipping their cargo. Usually companies will look at the base ocean rate when looking for shipping freight rates, but the accessorial charges are just as important. These are the additional charges on top of the base rates unless it is listed an all inclusive…


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