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Terminal Handling Charges

Sometimes a shipper might look at their maritime shipping invoice and notice a fee called a Terminal Handling Charge. For veteran shippers, this fee might be a common occurrence. For a novice shipper, there might be some questions about what this fee is all about. Terminal Handling Charges, also known as THC, is a fee paid during the shipping process. Most shippers pay the fee through their freight…


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Landed Cost

Determining landed cost is an important part of how trading for commodities work. Essentially, landed cost equals the total expenses paid by the importer when the cargo arrivers. There are numerous elements that will comprise the landed cost, including the shipping fees with the freight forwarder, fees related to business risk and even staffing expenses.

Examining the different components…


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Suez Canal Expansion

The Suez Canal is a major maritime transportation passage between Europe, Asia and Africa. If you need to ship cargo by ocean freight shipping through that part of this world, this is where it usually travels through. For over one hundred years, vessels would have to travel through the Suez Canal, one direction at a time. This was because the Suez Canal was only…


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“Belgium is the country of worldwide winners for temperature-controlled storage. We are the ultimate country to accommodate your delicate goods with all peace of mind. Our companies know their business and ensure you the highest quality service fully in line with your requirements and…


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Why Shippers Trust NVOCCs

Shippers everywhere are getting in the freight forwarder bandwagon. The great thing about working with a freight forwarder is all of the logistics services, that they provide, including warehousing, customs brokerage and trucking. In addition, many freight forwarders are also licensed as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). While an NVOCC usually does not own their own…


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Overcrowded Terminals Deal with Containers

While a new labor contract at the West Coast ports ended additional shipping delays, the consequence of the dispute at the port continues to upset the delicate balance of supply chains in the US. Businesses across the US depend on the expedient movement of their ocean freight shipments from the ports, to the trucks (or through intermodal) and to their final…


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This is Why the Trade Deficit with China Exists

Achieving a productive supply chain is a delicate balance. Utilizing the best ocean freight shipping rates can help lower some costs. However, it seems that beyond transportation, a great way to lower supply chain expenses can be found on the manufacturing side of the equation. Many companies enlist in the help of a contract manufacturer to produce…


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The Importance of Tugboats

Some shippers assume that a container vessel is going to be only transportation method for how their containers move in the water. The truth is that although a container ship might be the primary method for transportation, there are other ships used in the process. For example, some of the waterways near a port might be too thin for a vessel. Or there could be numerous bridges near the port that would prevent a container vessel from fitting through. That is…


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Settlement for West Coast Ports

Everyone is well aware of the contract negotiations occurring between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) between 2014 and 2015. A possible slowdown of production at the ports is forcing the cargo to just sit there during the negotiations, limiting ocean freight shipping activity.

As a result of…


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China’s Declining Exports

China, the export king of the world, experienced a rather surprising month in January 2015. It seems that their exports declined in January 2015, with a 3.3% year-over-year decrease. It is rare China takes a step back from exporting cargo. Many experts predicted a 4% increase in exports during January from China. Specifically, export values took a nosedive with shipments to Hong Kong, Japan and the European Union. Last year, export values from China were…


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Beware of Larger Vessels

If you have noticed the expanding size of cargo ships, then you are correct because the ships are getting bigger to hold more containers and to become more fuel-efficient. The result is lower costs, which is better for ocean freight shipping rates. The largest vessels of our time can range in size from 18,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) to…


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Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, commences on February 19th. 2015 marks the year of the goat/sheep. Even if no one in your company celebrates this holiday, if your company engages in international shipping with the Far East, then you should pay very close attention to this holiday. The date for Chinese New Year can appear throughout January to February. Every year, the holiday is more than just a 1-day affair, with celebrations lasting about a…


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Obama’s 2016 Budget & Freight Shipping

President Obama recently released his budget for the 2016 fiscal year. While the Republican majority in Congress is expected to strongly oppose any of the President’s major proposals, it is interesting to see where the President wants to spend money in 2016. And the good news is that the logistics industry is slated to be a top priority for the President.

At the top of the President’s budget plan sits a transportation proposal for $478 billion over the next 6 years.…


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The Advantages of Spot Rates

It is no surprise that shippers want the best ocean freight shipping rates possible. That is why many shippers might speak directly to a carrier about signing a long-term shipping that usually lasts 12 months. The good news is that the contract provides some fixed prices for certain surcharges. However, there are numerous problems with some long-term contracts.…


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Impacts of the West Coast Port Congestion

It is common knowledge that the ports on the US West Coast are facing massive congestion right now. There are issues like an abundance of containers coming in, a lack of chassis available and a possible labor dispute that might be contributing to the congestion. The good news is that there might be a new agreement soon between the workers in the International Longshoremen and Warehouse Union and the companes in Pacific Maritime Association. While a new labor contract with…


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Transpacific Shipping Rates set to Increase

Maritime shipping from Asia to the US or from the US to Asia is about to get more expensive for shippers.

The Transpacific Stabilization Agreement, also known as the TSA, is a research and discussion organization consisting of a membership that includes 15 of the largest carriers in that region. From time to time, through their extensive research on cargo shipping in their region, the TSA will suggest alterations for their members.…


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US Dairy Exports

2012 was a booming year for the US dairy industry, in terms of international shipping exports. With prices for dairy products (like milk, cheese, butter, ice cream and more) increasing, the Wall Street Journal reports that US exports increased nearly 13% in a decade. As a result, dairy production companies have increased their capacity for milk products by as much as 25%. And thanks to …


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Bad News for US Poultry Exports

It is well documented that there is a trade deficit with China, where the US imports way more cargo from China than we export. However, there is one major product to China that we export: poultry. From January to November 2014, the US exported $272 million worth of poultry to China. It seems that companies in China are working with great freight forwarders to lock down the…


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Ocean Freight Shipping in 2015

In 2015, ocean freight shipping will embark on a great journey. It is projected that 1.7 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) will be transported in 2015. And while the ocean freight shipping industry is excited about the prospect of moving containers across the world, it seems that overcapacity is going to be a major issue to still deal with from 2014. As you plan out your supply chain in 2015, it is wise to examine an outlook for ocean freight…


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Shipping Rare-Earth Materials from China

Whether you realize it or not, rare-earth materials are found in numerous products that consumers and organizations use daily. Examples, such as scandium and cerium, are found in smart phones, automobiles, green energy products and national defense technologies. China, being a top supplier of rare earth materials, dominated the market to the point that they enforced a quota system for exports of rare-earth materials. In 2010, with a quota system still in place, China did…


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