Discount for Shipping to the Port of Antwerp

The maritime shipping industry is trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Everyone from carriers to freight forwarders are doing their part to be green. There is a recent law in certain parts of the World that states that vessels must maintain certain low sulfur requirements. Since these emission laws are in place for a few months now, it appears that pollution from ships is still a growing problem. Further action must be done to fight this global problem.

The Journal of Commerce is reporting a new green initiative at the Port of Antwerp in Belgium. They are providing a new incentive to ships that go beyond current environmental regulations to lower their emissions levels. Here’s how the incentive works: vessels that utilize alternative technology to lower emissions further will receive a discount that could amount to 30% at port dues every time they arrive at Antwerp. The 30% includes the Environment Shipping Index discount. This massive discount for the carriers could also result in lower ocean freight shipping rates for shippers. Thus, shippers should look into this. This incentive begins on June 1st and will last for three years, with a gradual reduction in the discount starting in 2016.

There are some reported examples of how vessels can earn this discount. The best way is to use liquefied natural gas power at a minimum of 24 hours before arriving at the port. Another fine example is using closed-system scrubbers. Hopefully, initiatives like this result in lower carbon emissions to help the environment.

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