The Port of Los Angeles is celebrating their busiest month since 2006. In September 2014, over 775,000 containers were transported through the Port of Los Angeles. This is a 9% increase since this time last year. With all of the busy shipping occurring at the Port of Los Angeles, it makes sense for there to be significant congestion issues to take care of.

Congestion at a port can be common sight throughout the nation during certain times of the year. But it is especially troublesome now at the Port of Los Angeles. The congestion is so bad at times there that the truck drivers have to pay demurrage for late charges for returned containers and chassis. There are even ocean freight vessels that are waiting in line just to use the port. When the congestion adds up, so does the time and the expenses. And these types of expenses force ocean freight shipping rates to skyrocket.

The Port of Los Angeles Executive Director says that in order to solve port congestion, everyone, including the shipping carriers, truckers and freight forwarders, must work together. A few possible remedies have been discussed in the Journal of Commerce. One plan is to have PierPass get rid of traffic peak hour fees for truck drivers in the short-term. Another option is to open up a nearby area for storing containers before picking up or use the area for equipment maintenance. Also, a deal with the longshoremen union could help the situation as well. All of these options and more must be discussed in order for port congestion to diminish.

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