In October, there was exciting news from the Port of Baltimore that is really interesting for those who ship heavy machinery. The Port of Baltimore opened a new berth that cost $22 Million. The berth will be located at the Masonville/Fairfield Marine Terminal. Unlike previous berths at this port, this is a unique berth that is bigger and stronger. It is about 1,175 feet long and 130 feet wide. This new, massive berth exists for the purpose of loading and unloading a special commodity unto ocean freight vessels. What is the commodity? The answer: cars and construction equipment.

The berth will make it easier for the stevedores at the port to load the wheeled machines to and from the ship. Because of the massive size of this berth, it can handle more construction vehicles and larger ones as well. This will increase the efficiency at the port by cutting down on time, and eventually the cost. There is an already existing berth at the Port of Baltimore for vehicles. This port is currently the #1 US Port for car shipping. This new berth will add to that with the new capabilities of getting more vehicles on RO/RO ships. The berth will also help move vehicles to get to intermodal transportation.

With the new berth in place, shippers should take advantage of it. Shippers who want to move their vehicles through the Port of Baltimore should speak to their trusted freight forwarder, especially if the freight forwarder is an NVOCC who has extensive experience in moving construction equipment.

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