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Containers vs. Breakbulk

In international ocean freight shipping, there are two options for transportating cargo: containers or breakbulk. The difference between both options is simply that break bulk refers to individual or loose materials that are loaded, shipped and unloaded from the ship, and containers refers to a storage unit where all of the materials stay. 20 foot or 40 foot containers are available, as well as different containers such as flat rack, open top and…


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Chinese New Year 2014

January 31st 2014 is the Chinese New Year, which is also known as the Spring Festival or called the Lunar New Year. And this year marks the Year of the Horse. During the holiday, there will be mass celebrations, as well as diminished shipping in the Far East.

Manufacturing factories are closed during Chinese News Year as many workers leave their factory jobs about one week before the actual holiday begins. And the holiday itself could last 15 days after the…


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Somali Piracy Decline

The threat of piracy on the ocean freight shipping industry has been profound over the past decade. The biggest piracy threat came from the shores of Somalia where pirates would intercept ocean vessels. During the years, Somali pirates would threaten the lives of the crew on the ship. As a result of their terror, significant time was lost for freight shipping, as well as billions of dollars of economic loss. This threat of piracy certainly had an impact…


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Which Factors Impact Ocean Freight Rates?

Shippers who normally receive ocean freight rates for different destinations might notice that the prices might be different throughout the year. There are numerous factors that impact the shipping rates for ocean containers. Here are four of them:

Location - There is a reason why you need to state your origin and destination cities when receiving a…


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The Port of New York & New Jersey

The Port of New York & New Jersey is a very important port in the United States shipping industry. Comprised of areas in the five boroughs of New York City, and the northeastern cities of New Jersey, this is one of the largest harbors in the World. The Port of New York & Jersey is the busiest port at the US East Coast, with nearly 40% of all East Coast trade originating from that port. There is a good chance that if you are shipping…


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It is crucial for the ocean freight shipping industry to try to lower the emissions and pollution from the ships. Growing regulations, such as from the International Maritime Organization, are one important reason, but there are also environmental and health concerns that are reasons as well. One practice, called shorepower, might result in fewer emissions from the ships. With shorepower, ocean freight vessels would use…


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Slow Steaming

There is a debated topic in the ocean freight world that is still dominating the headlines. Slow steaming is that debatable topic and shippers should be aware of the practice of slow steaming. It is common knowledge that diesel fuel prices have skyrocketed in recent years; many ocean freight carriers are feeling the crunch by seeing their profits diminish. That is why for a few years now, there have been significant carriers, including some major carriers,…


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5 Features of Instant Ocean Freight Quote Software

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the ocean freight shipping industry in the past decade has been the emergence of software that allows shippers to receive instant container shipping quotes online. Shippers everywhere use this software everyday, and many shipping agents use this as well. Although there are many great features of this technology, there…


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Do You Ship With Bangladesh?

Many businesses in the US depend on freight shipments arriving from Bangladesh. About 25% of Bangladesh’s ocean freight shipping exports goes to the US, and a majority of the shipments include clothing. In fact, Bangladesh is consistently one of the largest clothing exporters to the US. Bangladesh may not supply as much clothing to the US as China, but Bangladesh is poised to possibly be…


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