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Bulk liquid transport - Flexitank

Flexitank capacity from 14000Liters up to 24000Liters intended in 20' standard ISO container.


Flexitank type:

a. Top Loading & Discharging

b. Top Loading & Bottom Discharging

c. Bottom Loading & Discharging


3" butterfly or ball valve with auto Air Vent and heating pad.


For the more informations, kindly pls contact 


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How Port Strikes Affect Shipping

Every few months, there seems to be a port strike somewhere. In the past year alone, workers were striking or were threatening to strike at ports throughout the Far East, South America and even in the US. While a potential strike should not be a major surprise anymore, the impact of the strike is what we need to keep a close eye on.

Just the prospect of a potential port strike could drive up …


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Exporting to China

China has recently been called a new up and coming economic power in the world. Up until now their society has always been extremely closed to influences from the outside world. More recently the Chinese government has been relaxing some of the rules within their nation and the Chinese have slowly become more westernized. Although they have one of the oldest societies, they have not been considered tied in to the world economy with respect to importing since the majority of…


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dry bulk liner for bulk transportation

dry bulk liner for bulk transportation


Made for 20’, 30' and 40' containers.

For 20' liner: 2400 x 2400 x 5900 mm.


Co-extruded 3-layer Polyethylene(PE)



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Freight Forwarder vs NVOCC

Even people that have been in the shipping industry for years can have trouble discerning the difference between a freight forwarder and an NVOCC. Although they are two different types of companies, they do have a lot of cross over and this can be confusing especially for those not directly associated with an ocean carrier or other logistics providers. These…


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Pre-Shipment Inspections for Exports

In exporting there are certain criteria that we need to take care of in order to get cargo moving. Depending on where you are shipping, some of the rules can be different. This includes getting a pre-shipment inspection. Pre-shipment inspections are required by governments in order to import into certain countries. They are looking to be sure that the exporter is charging the true value of the goods to the importer and everything is being…


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This is to advise that, with immediate effect, our logistics, projects & shipping activities have been amalgamated into one single business unit trading under 'MM Shipping & Logistics, Libya''.

This synergy will no doubt enhance our overall services to our clients and have us ready to meet the future challenges in the re-construction of Libya.

Thank you

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6 Months After Sandy

A few weeks ago it was the 6 month anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and while so much has happened, some people are still experiencing slow progress and are getting discouraged with the government’s response. In the shipping industry we are still affected by businesses that have closed. Even those who plan to reopen are focused on rebuilding their homes first and businesses that were wiped out after. Many people are still not in their homes and those who have…


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TreLog Opens a new operational office

TreLog LLC Dubai has moved to a bigger premise to conduct their Dubai operations...

Strategically Located near to Intl Airport Fz Dubai with easy access to sharjah & JebelAli .

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TreLog Shipping & Projects.Dubai...United Arab Emirates.

A Well Qualified professionally Mnaged Team of Experts Joined Hands together to enhance and support project moves....

Apart from regular Freight servicesinlcuding Aircharters and Sea charters, customs Clearance- Delivery services what makes TreLog Different is their expertism in Projects and odd size cargo moves.....

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Ocean Carrier Service Contracts

Every spring, the buzz in the shipping industry turns to the renewal of service contracts. These are the contracts between carriers and their customers that stipulate rules for special pricing that they are willing to offer. Usually these contracts are for a specific timeframe within a year, but many have been the same for several years with small changes made at renewal times. When companies partner with shipping lines in this way it can be good for both…


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Shipping Household Goods

Shipping household goods and personal effects domestically can be difficult for anyone to handle. Getting the goods together to move can be stressful and can seem to come with a never ending list of things to do before moving day. Shipping internationally though can seem down right impossible. Just getting your shipment lined up can seem to take forever…


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