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XLProjects hit a bit of a milestone this week...!

As reported by Heavylift & Project Forwarding Magazine this week our network has gone over the fifty member mark in just eight months. I am very glad to hear this because the last venture I was involved with, GPLN, had only hit 34 members at the one year anniversary mark. We are well beyond that with four months to go for our first year. It is…


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Bulk Container Liner


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MOL Ship Splits

A few days ago, an MOL container ship split in half in the middle of the Indian Ocean and now it is all over the news. While this is not normally worldwide news for people outside the shipping industry, this container ship is said to be carrying 4,500 shipping containers filled with arms headed for Syrian rebels. This has left many people wondering what all of this will mean, not just for worldwide politics, but in the case of …


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What Does Door to Door Service Mean?

Some terms in the shipping industry can be confusing for shippers to understand. Door to door delivery seems to be one of them. One of the biggest problems is that companies do not always see that door delivery means to the door, of the warehouse of course. They think that door can mean to their customer’s door which can be true only on a drop ship or direct ship, but they do not understand it to be door. So to clarify, Door to Door delivery…


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How Many Containers is a lot for Steamship line Sales?

In the shipping industry, shipping containers are a numbers game. Every year shipping companies renew their service contracts with steamship lines and hope to get better pricing. Maybe they had a higher volume last year or maybe they are shipping from different ports. Not everyone gets the same ocean freight rates to and from the same ports. Some companies…


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When shipping containers, there are several factors that will ultimately determine how much you will pay for your ocean freight rateSteamship lines look at the shipping lanes involved and the commodity as well as the dates you are looking to ship and come up with a rate. What they are not including is the surcharges that will be added on to…


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Decoding Specs of a Shipping Container

When people are looking up specifications of a cargo shipping container, it can sometimes be confusing, especially if you are green to international cargo shipping. Usually when a shipping line or freight forwarderhas container dimensions listed on their website, we will see a few different dimensions which can be useful depending what you are doing. Many times…


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World Trade Organization

According the World Trade Organization (WTO) website, the WTO is an organization that was set up as a forum for governments to negotiate trade agreements. Although the WTO is not even twenty years old, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) by which the WTO was established, is over fifty years old and has become an important part of international trade. In …


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Global Sourcing

When a company begins looking for a manufacturer for a new business it seems like it would be easier to look locally so that you can see where the product is being build without much travel. The difference in price may quickly become an issue though if you choose domestic sourcing. This is why so many companies have their products made abroad, especially in Asia. Not only are companies in Asia less expensive but they tend to be efficient…


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International Pet Transportation

PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions    has more than 12 years of experience in the world of pets. Within this time we have assisted hundreds of pets in traveling to and from the most diverse places in the world. We are aware of how important your pet is, but also how stressful it can be to travel with him, especially with the added stress of children, luggage, airport charges, customs, and other unforeseen circumstances.…


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Drop Shipping

Retailers and wholesalers can sometimes have a different view of shipping than those of us in the shipping industry, especially in international logistics. In international shipping, we look at shipping in containers or at least in larger amounts to get the most out of the freight shipping costs. In retail, companies are looking at it from a “products sold” angle. They want to see their products go out the door since the…


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dry bulk cargos transport - Bulk Container Liner

Bulk Container Liner is made of food grade 140gsm HDPE Woven fabric or PE Film. Which is suitable for grains, malt, PP and PE granules and resin, sugar, flour, rice, salt and coffee. A variety of foodstuffs and chemicals can be easily and safely transported in a highly cost effective manner. …


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