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China's Green Fence Policy

Sometimes a shipper who is looking to export scrap metal might contact a trusted freight forwarder, who normally handles real cargo and freight, to export their garbage to China. Even if you were lucky enough to get someone to transport your trash to China, there might be a slight problem now. Recently, China installed the Green Fence Policy that essentially bans most imports to…


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Logistics networks: No references? Find another playground, amigo!

References One of the things that I find extremely hard to understand when doing our jobs occasionally happens during the application process. Quite often we find established companies who refuse to fill out reference information on the contact forms. When we follow up on this blank part of the form they tend to get a little indignant. Yes, we run into this quite often. Normally with this we get a smug response like: "We have been around for thirty years and everyone in the market knows…

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Longshoremen Definition

In the transportation of container freight from port to port, there are numerous individuals involved with moving the freight along, including freight forwarders and carriers. The longshoremen play an important role in shipping ocean freight containers. They are the individuals who are tasked with loading and unloading freight between ocean vessels and ports.…


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The Follow Up: Ensuring that you bring home the bacon after logsitics network meetings

I'm constantly amazed as to how many people will go to a forwarders networking meeting where there are many new faces who they have met only to later complain that they have "gotten nothing out of it". In most cases my take on this is that one of two things is taking place:
1) This person hasn't allowed enough time to pass, as business does take some time; or (more importantly)

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Growing the Container Shipping Industry

Whereas most industries shrunk before the 2008 global financial crisis, the international freight shipping industry witnessed tremendous year over year growth of 10 percent. Manufacturers were still shipping containers frequently to and from every corner of the globe. Freight forwarders were booking shipments of containers and break bulk for shippers. Those were some great times…


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Every shipper wants to get the best international freight shipping quote. Sometimes, a shipper might speak directly the ocean freight carrier, receive a price and proceed to move their freight. The shipper also receives their invoice and pays the bill for shipping. However, sometimes when you are shipping directly with a carrier, the price you paid for shipping might be…


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Hello Everyone,   if u need any assistance from / to india , please feel free to contact us at hitesh@evershineshipping.in , project.chart@evershineshipping.in   skype id : hitesh280   note : we are …

Hello Everyone,


if u need any assistance from / to india , please feel free to contact us at hitesh@evershineshipping.in , project.chart@evershineshipping.in


skype id : hitesh280


note : we are specialized in ODC , Bulk and chartering.


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Maritime Labor Costs

News recently broke out that the West Coast MTO Agreement is raising the PierPass Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF). The increase is expected to be 8.1% and will only be taking place at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Ocean freight rates at those posts will change. Both of these ports are among the most active shipping centers on the West Coast.…


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One of the biggest mistakes logistics professionals make when joining networks

Want network success? Go to the meetings! There has always been a subset of independent logistics professionals who have the attitude that paying a membership in a network equates to the right to others' business. And they almost always live to regret it, whether they know that or not. Of the few companies who don't renew on membership the most common complaint by far is that these companies did not get back their return "investment" in business from other members. When I have look at the companies who make such statements…


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Working for a Container Shipping Line

To a shipping industry outsider, working for an international shipping line can seem like a great exotic career that connects with many different cultures. Something about international business always makes people think there is constant travelling to different lands and meeting all kinds of interesting people. While sometimes this can be true, most of these wonderful experiences are not an every day event. Working for a shipping line is hard work. Whether you are in sales…


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Egypt’s Unrest and International Shipping

The Mediterranean Sea has long been a source for various conflicts. Some more eventful than others and some worse for international shipping companies than others. Most recently the events in Egypt have been a concern for international businesses because of the Suez Canal. With Egypt in control of the Canal, disruptions to the supply chain will be eminent if the wrong people are…


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Independent Freight Forwarding Networks: Exclusivity or non-exclusivity - Is it really a question?

Most people who think that exclusivity is the best way to design a network usually fall into a trap thinking that if they joined such a group that the business from all other members in the network will fall automatically into their lap. I can tell you though that isn’t true in the least. There is a reason why the most successful networks are non-exclusive and that is that non-exclusive groups allow their members the greatest opportunities to find like-minded partners. And exclusive networks…


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Shipping Fireworks

The summer months are known for outdoor time with barbeques and beach days. One of the biggest parts of summer is getting together to watch the fireworks that are set off at the local boardwalks and fairs. It is especially popular on the Fourth of July. People watch them in awe but do not realize just how much effort must go into getting the fireworks to their final destinations. Shipping fireworks can be more effort than the average logistics move. It requires a full…


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