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ASL Madagascar of Antananarivo, Madagascar will be at SuperCargoPros Europe 2014 in Budapest, Hungary

ASL Madagascar has registered for SCP Europe 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. This company will be taking advantage of the opportunities to meeting international freight forwarding professionals from all over the region and all over the world will be at this groundbreaking event. What are they missing? Your business! But you can change all of that by being…


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International Bulldozer Shipping

A bulldozer is a unique and important piece of construction equipment. Sometimes a person might say the word ‘bulldozer’ and mean any type of machine. However, a bulldozer is a specific machine. It is often described as a crawler or a continuous tracked machine that pushes materials, such as dirt or wood, with the use of large plate in the front known as a blade. There are actually numerous types of blades on a bulldozer including the shorter “S” blade or…


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The Truth About Sulfur Regulations

There seems to be a big worry in the international shipping industry regarding the new sulfur emissions requirements that are set to begin on January 1st 2015. Essentially, these are new environmental laws are put in place through the International Maritime Organization to limit emissions from the vessels. These sulfur emissions are a big cause of acid rain. Some people will tell you that these regulations are going to change everything about…


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Ebola Virus Impacts Shipping

As everyone watches the ongoing West Africa Ebola virus outbreak, we all hope for the best. Hundreds of victims have been infected and died in the region. As a response, organizations sent medical professionals to help the sick in those nations. The international shipping industry is also taking precautions against the threat of the Ebola virus. If your business ships ocean freight…


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Exporting Self-Propelled Machinery

Everyday, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of heavy machinery is exported from the United States to other nations around the globe. When a company takes a machine and uses ocean shipping to transport it, sometimes that machine is moved via Ro/Ro shipping, which is called Roll-on/Roll-off. When this occurs, the heavy machinery is considered to be self-propelled since it can move onto the ship by its own wheels. The list of vehicles like this…


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Customer Service Trumps Instant Rates

The latest trend in the freight shipping industry involves the idea that all of the concerns in shipping can be solved by receiving an instant freight quote online. This is completely false. While shippers are always looking for a great freight shipping rate, the truth is that just because a shipper receives a rate for their shipment faster, does not necessarily mean that the rate…


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