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CMA CGM P3 Network

The international shipping industry is excited about the recent news concerning ocean freight transportation between the US, Europe and the Far East. Last week, the largest shipping lines in the World announced the news. Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM have formed an anticipated new agreement called the P3 Network. This new CMA CGM P3 Network will dramatically change ocean…


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Bareboat Charter

A special type of agreement we have seen in ocean freight shipping is a bareboat charter. Essentially, in a bareboat charter, you might have a shipping company that rents the vessel used for transportation, instead of simply owning it. The real owner of the vessel would receive a flat fee from the charterer to use the ship for a set amount of time. Another…


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US To Asia Peak Season Rate Increase

International shipping from the United States to Asia is entering its peak season during this time. And the big news this year is that there is slated to be an increase in the ocean freight rates for shipping from the US to Asia. The Journal of Commerce recently reported that 40-foot containers from the US to Asia might increase to as much as $200 by the…


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Congestion Surcharge

In today’s international freight shipping industry, it is now easier than ever to receive an ocean freight shipping quote. All you have to do give some vital details about your shipment, and your shipment is ready to book. Of course there are the usual surcharges that you might have to factor in your shipping rate. One of the most important surcharges that you should be…


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Captain Phillips and the Realities of Piracy

The new Tom Hanks movie ‘Captain Phillips’ received wide position reception and praise. It gained over $26 Million in box office sales during opening weekend. People love the movie and the acting performance of Tom Hanks. The logistics industry is very happy to see a movie about ocean freight shipping and it is based on a true story. Most people may not realize it, but the…


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Warehousing Options

Warehouses can serve multiple important functions for international freight shipping. An obvious feature of warehouses is the massive space, with the benefit being the storage space for your ocean freight shipment. The storage space can be for containers, break-bulk items and pallets for import or export. Warehouses also perform consolidations of cargo. Speak to your freight forwarder to discover how certain…


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How is the Government Shutdown Impacting Shipping?

With the United States dealing with a Federal Government shutdown in October 2013, our economy could be in jeopardy if the shutdown continues longer than anticipated. For example, higher interest rates and slower economic growth are expected outcomes of the shutdown. Before the shutdown, some experts predicated that the freight shipping industry would remain mostly unscathed from major problems. And many shippers who received …


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The Urgency to Invest in our Ports

If the United States of America wants to continue to be among the leading ocean freight shipping nations in the World, we must make significant improvements to many ports within the next few years. Nations like Brazil and Mexico are investing in transportation upgrades to their seaports in the hopes of competing in a global economy. Ocean freight ports are in need of…


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US-Japan Freight Shipping

Since Japan is consistently one of the top 10 trading nations, it is no wonder why so many businesses want to ship ocean freight to and from there. In 2013, it has been reported that container trade at the port of Osaka increased. And the big surprise is that the port of Osaka is not even one of the top…


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