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Where to Get a Customs Bond

Importers know the requirement of getting a Customs bond before having their cargo arrive in the US. But there is a common question that concerns newcomers to the Customs bond process: where someone can get a customs bond in the first place.

You cannot just get a Customs bond from any freight forwarder or shipping provider. The Bureau of Fiscal Service, from the US…


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Going Above & Beyond Environmental Rules

The deadline is coming for the ocean shipping industry. On January 1st, there is a new environmental requirement that vessels must follow. Essentially, their sulfur content of their fuel must drop from the current state of 1% to .1% by January 1st. This rule is required for ships within 200 miles of the US and Canada. The International Maritime Organization is enforcing this new rule. The purpose is to…


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What is the Bunker Adjustment Factor?

All of the of the numerous surcharges and fees in international freight shipping, even the most novice shipper is familiar with the bunker adjustment factor. This particular fee, also known as the bunker surcharge, has existed in container shipping for many decades. Essentially, the bunker adjustment factor is an equation that exists to cover the carrier’s expenses as it relates to the price of fuel. As you can guess, the price of fuel is…


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Port Congestion Before the Holiday Shopping Season

Just in time for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, it seems some of those valuable gifts might have a difficult time making it to the stores. Currently, there is reported massive congestion at several US Ports, especially those ports located on the West Coast: Los Angeles, Long Beach and Tacoma. These ports move 40% of the cargo that is transported to the US. The congestion is so bad, that there are shipping vessels that are just sitting at the ports. This is an…


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Suez Canal Surcharge

By linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, the Suez Canal has acted as a major waterway for international travel between Europe and Africa. For many companies that engage in shipping between these two continents, as well as shipping between Europe and Indian Ocean nations like Australia and New Zealand, the Suez Canal is usually the main passage of travel. If your company falls into this category, then perhaps you have noticed a surcharge on a past freight bill…


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