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Logistics networks: No references? Find another playground, amigo!

References One of the things that I find extremely hard to understand when doing our jobs occasionally happens during the application process. Quite often we find established companies who refuse to fill out reference information on the contact forms. When we follow up on this blank part of the form they tend to get a little indignant. Yes, we run into this quite often. Normally with this we get a smug response like: "We have been around for thirty years and everyone in the market knows…

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The Follow Up: Ensuring that you bring home the bacon after logsitics network meetings

I'm constantly amazed as to how many people will go to a forwarders networking meeting where there are many new faces who they have met only to later complain that they have "gotten nothing out of it". In most cases my take on this is that one of two things is taking place:
1) This person hasn't allowed enough time to pass, as business does take some time; or (more importantly)

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One of the biggest mistakes logistics professionals make when joining networks

Want network success? Go to the meetings! There has always been a subset of independent logistics professionals who have the attitude that paying a membership in a network equates to the right to others' business. And they almost always live to regret it, whether they know that or not. Of the few companies who don't renew on membership the most common complaint by far is that these companies did not get back their return "investment" in business from other members. When I have look at the companies who make such statements…


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Independent Freight Forwarding Networks: Exclusivity or non-exclusivity - Is it really a question?

Most people who think that exclusivity is the best way to design a network usually fall into a trap thinking that if they joined such a group that the business from all other members in the network will fall automatically into their lap. I can tell you though that isn’t true in the least. There is a reason why the most successful networks are non-exclusive and that is that non-exclusive groups allow their members the greatest opportunities to find like-minded partners. And exclusive networks…


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