AerOceaNetwork, will have a new twist at our annual meeting, which will be held this year in Shanghai, China. We ask that our delegates to our global meeting in China take all opportunities to wear their favorite World Cup team’s jersey. Many of the participants will have ‘a dog in the fight’ and will be quite interested in what is going on in South Africa. Letting them wear their team colors will only add camaraderie and excitement to our event.

Normally at the network’s meetings business attire and smart casual but since the meeting this year will coincide with the FIFA World Cup the decision was made that AerOceaNetwork would jump on the bandwagon.

What are we, if not international? It would be great to see our delegates supporting their teams throughout the week. And that goes for those who are from countries without teams playing as well. What better way to socialize and break the ice? So if you love the sport and want to support your favorite team, bring your jersey to Shanghai and wear it proudly!

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AerOceaNetwork is a non-exclusive network for professional logistics companies and international freight forwarders. We focus on our members having more time and opportunities to develop business with each other, cutting out the red tape that normally comes with freight networks.

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