How to select the best warehousing service in India

Selecting a warehouse can be a complicated task for a business that has little understanding of the types of warehouses and the benefits of each of them. If you are also a manufacturer or a business owner who wishes for all the product deliveries to be on time, you should select the best possible warehouse.  In case you don’t know how to select the right option from the numerous ones available to you then we suggest you know about many factors that can guide you on how to select the best warehousing service in India. What are these factors? Let’s find out.

  • Learn About the Warehouse

Before you start contemplating paying money for a warehouse, you should pay a visit to it and judge its layout, size, and facilities. The layout should fit in the way you operate your business, the size should be big enough to handle all the orders in a timely fashion without congesting the goods and the facilities like human resource support, easy in and out options, etc. would make product moving easier.

After analyzing the layout, size, and facilities, you should judge your own needs and the compatibility. For instance, if you don’t have your own storage space and need someone to handle everything from letting the product in to ensuring that they reach the distributors/customers safely, you should opt for a dedicated option. But if your storage needs are minimal and temporary, opting for shared space is a wiser move.

  • Location Matters

If you are after the best warehousing service in India, you should select only that option which is strategically located. The location should benefit your business in one way or the other. For instance, if you have a small business, it would be wise to go for the option that is located near your business operations so that you can sell and deliver products locally with ease. In contrast, if your business is spread across the nation, you should select an option that has multiple facilities in India and can be reachable from remote locations as well. 

Good locations are also judged by their proximity to good transport options such as highways, railway stations, airports, and motorways. Closeness to large cities with a huge potential customer base is also a vital consideration.

  • The Human Factor

While seeking the best option, you should select a service provider that has a strong human resource backbone in place. If they already have trained professionals who can take care of all the warehouse management and supply chain management tasks, you will get the best results with least effort as they will handle everything from ensuring that the products arrive at a facility in a safe manner, kept in an orderly fashion and dispatched whenever needed. You just have to instruct them and their in-house staff will take care of all the minor tasks.

A side benefit, you will not have to hire much personnel to monitor the movement of the goods or to ensure timely deliveries to distributors or customers.

  • Future Needs

When you are selecting a space to store your goods, you should envision a brighter future for your company and select a space accordingly. For instance, if you are a supplier of electronic goods and you wish to expand your presence from Delhi/NCR to the whole northern region in the near future, then you should select a space that can allow you to store the products with ease five years down the line without a space crunch.

It is also recommended that you select the service provider that has multiple storage areas within the same region to make sure that if your products don’t accommodate in one facility, you can switch to another without changing the service provider and going through the selection process again. It would be smart to share your expansion plans and future storage needs in advance so that the service provider can be ready for the change by taking prudent steps like hiring more staff, adding more technological tools to ensure seamless flow of goods, etc.

  • Money Matters

Last but certainly not the least, the cost of the service offered plays a key role in making a correct decision. If you wish to tap a potentially wide market like Delhi/NCR but you are not agreeable to the costs incurred in opting for a space in central and highly expensive locations like South Delhi, you can opt for a space available in the outskirts of the region like Gurugram or Sonepat as the latter options would be cheaper and much more spacious. Do remember the other cost factors like shipping costs while making a decision. Always remember the key thumb rule, the costs of warehouse plus shipping in the warehouse located on the outskirts must not increase the costs of warehouse plus shipping in the warehouse that is centrally located. If it does, choose the latter option.

The last piece of advice is that you should select that option which has been in the market for some time now and is going steadily. This will ensure that the services are reliable, trustworthy and worth the money you pay. Like everything else, don’t hesitate to seek value for money while you select the best warehousing service in India.

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