XLProjects hit a bit of a milestone this week...!

As reported by Heavylift & Project Forwarding Magazine this week our network has gone over the fifty member mark in just eight months. I am very glad to hear this because the last venture I was involved with, GPLN, had only hit 34 members at the one year anniversary mark. We are well beyond that with four months to go for our first year. It is impressive, as it's faster growth of more than 220%!

We are definitely doing something right!

If you are interested in knowing more about XLProjects just let me know. I am more than happy to follow up with you.


Gary Dale Cearley
Executive Director

Tel.: +66-6-0003-5180 (office)
Tel.: +66-8-6571-6040 (mobile)
Tel.: +1-870-474-0690 (United States)
Skype: garydale

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